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Endorsed by the two star Michelin star restaurant “ De Lindehof”

Aberdeen Queen.

We are innovators inspired by the benefits nature has to offer. Motivated to create a multisensory experience for you making the connection between heritage, health and naturalness.

We are Aberdeen Queen. We combined superior premium coffee with healthy superb natural nutrition, herbs, plants and seeds. We are passionate to hand you the possibility to indulge, explore, please your senses and have a healthy moment for your body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Therefore, we created a new product range based only on fully natural high quality ingredients to provide you a new experience.

Sometimes surprising, sometimes adventurous, but always celebrating the benefits of what nature has to offer.

Ingredients all natural, healthy and functional. For example, items high in protein, items good for your skin, ingredients to help boost energy or destress combined with excellent premium coffee.

Our coffee can be bought online or in stores. As well as in a global growing number of coffee spots and traditional to fine-dining establishments.

We at Aberdeen Queen are creators and our promise to you is to continue to innovate with new flavours and use ingredients which are known to provide specific nutritional benefits.

Always all natural, authentic and of superior quality.