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Vanaf: 48,00

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Light Roast

Elegant coffee from Aberdeen Queen with a refined balance between fresh and sweet. Full chocolate notes combined with slightly fruity and soft floral aromas.

Composed of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

29,95 each

Regular roast

This Regular blend from Aberdeen Queen is a delicious blend of Arabica coffee beans, a full powerful flavor. Great for anyone who enjoys a delicious cup of coffee. Contains notes of caramel and milk chocolate.

Composed of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Indonesia.

29,95 each

Dark roast

This firmly roasted coffee with beans from Columbia, Brazil and Costa Rica with a very small addition from Indonesia for the touch of spice in the taste, really a coffee for people who are not afraid of a real cup of coffee

29,95 each


Decaffeinated coffee.

A load of unroasted coffee beans is soaked in hot water, releasing the caffeine. This process is carried out until all the caffeine and coffee ingredients are absorbed into the water. The beans are then collected and disposed of. The water is pumped through a carbon filter that traps the caffeine molecules but allows the other constituents to pass through. The flavored water is then put back into a tank with new coffee beans. Because the water is saturated with the coffee flavors, this time only the caffeine is absorbed. This method is repeated until 99.9% of the caffeine is removed.

There is also a variant in which the caffeine is removed from the beans using a chemical process.

29,95 each


This mid-American coffee blend enriched with natural cbd provides a recognizable taste and aroma.

A true cbd experience the grassy aroma and green tea -like taste will give you the ultimate experience you should expect from this world unique product.



The medium roast coffee enriched with pure and natural truffle from Perugia, Italy, is a real treat for every coffee lover.

When you brew this coffee, the recognizable truffle aroma is already there and when you taste this ultimate coffee it confirms the expectations you may have of this incredible quality product....

10,00 each